Memorial Stone of the Tsunami

◆ Project Purpose

Designed by Katsumi Asaba
Designed by Katsumi Asaba

Earthquake East of this degree is now the earthquake of unprecedented experience has never been anyone in modern Japan.
We will sincerely sympathy with the people I pray for the repose of his soul sincere, was a victim and a number of relatives of missing people who died in the earthquake still can be found at this.

We also survived who also dropped the chagrin of merchants affected among all excellent stone.
Many of the merchants we may not able to fully understand the anxiety you feel and your far everyone has been affected from the disaster area still.

One for all All for one (one person for everyone, all for one person)
(You're not alone Let's fight! At all!) You'll Never Walk Alone
There are in our mission believe that the important thing, that there is hope for the future equally to anyone this word, stand up for the reconstruction of Japan in the future is alive.

I think the future, or reconstruction is spent on manpower and funding, how much time is probably impossible to determine, and everyone understands. Considered in each position of many people "now, to yourself? What can be done" and already, the action is folded.
All A's in stone since the earthquake, we have the affected areas and reconstruction assistance activities as a professional group of stone.
Start the project was built "stone storage tsunami" so as part of, become more far from the mind of those who are affected convey a message to posterity long.

Going to tell posterity carved in stone the lessons and, with the facts andby building a monument to the memorial to the disaster area who are victims of earthquake tsunami in eastern Japan.

Aim the establishment of the monument of the group 500 to the disaster area.

Leave the monument as an art.